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The third step in the XML feed creation process is the exclusion of pages that you do not want to include in your XML feed.


When you arrive at this third step, the screen will resemble the one shown below:





As was explained in the previous section, the initial page selection (inclusions) ensures that the correct structure is maintained for your feed. Now you need to deselect any individual pages in the list which we do not want to feature in the feed.


A good example of the need to do this would be if you had selected the 'Whole Site' option in the previous step. Obviously there will be some pages in your site which are not viable RSS feed content and so should be removed. Such pages would include:


Privacy Policy

Contact Page

Order forms

Thank-you/Success Pages

Search Results Pages

Links Pages


and so on


In many cases, where you have simply selected a parent page to, say, an articles section of your site, you will probably not need to remove any pages, and so could move straight on to the final tab.



Deselecting pages


To deselect a page from the list, left of your screen, simply click the check-box next to the page name in question. This will clear the check-box and remove the page from your XML feed.



Once you have finished deselecting pages, and excluding them from the feed, click the button_application_next button to continue.

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