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On the left side of this screen you will see a list of preset template ‘styles’ from which you can choose your preferred style. There are two groups of styles, in the list: “Basic Styles” and “Styles for use on a white background”;





The “Basic Styles” can be inserted in any Web page on any colored background. The “Styles for use on a white background” contain soft shadow ‘effects’ and because of this should really only be used on a white (or near-white) background color. If placed on a dark background color, these forms may appear to have a fuzzy white ‘outline’ which may detract from the form’s appearance.


On the right side of the window you will see a preview area. When you click through the available templates, left of your screen, you will see previews of these styles appearing in the preview area, right of your screen.


The previews you see of the different form styles are indicative only. All of the styles in the list of preset styles are customizable and so you should think of these styles as a “starting-point” only.



You will customize your form’s appearance in the following steps.



Make your selection from the list of available template styles by clicking once on the style name, in the list.




Having selected your form design's starting-point, you should now click the button_application_next button at the bottom of your screen. This will advance the Forms Wizard onto Step 3 of the form design process.



Note: You may use the button_application_prev button to return to the previous screen at any time should you need to, as well as using the tabs at the top of the window as mentioned earlier in this section.

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