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The Step 2 tab is where we will enter the textual data for our Product Review QuickPage. On arriving at this tab, the window will resemble the screen-shot below (although your chosen design template may vary, of course):





Product review pages contain essential information about a particular product or service that you are rating and possibly even selling within or via your Web site. There are several pieces of information that you must provide about your product in the boxes provided:


Heading – This is the title of the QuickPage itself. It can be the name of the actual product that you are selling on this page. Enter the heading you wish to use in the text box provided.



Subheading – Enter a short descriptive line of text in this text-box. This text serves not only as a secondary confirmation (after the product name) that the visitor has indeed found the 'right' product, but also serves as a lead-in to the full description text - so keep it short and appealing!



Currency – In this box you need to enter the currency in which you would like your product price to be displayed. Simply type the currency symbol into the text-box.



Price – Enter the price for your product into this box. Use the format: xx.xx (so, for example, 15.99). Do not use a currency symbol, since this is automatically added based on the currency selection you make, above.



Rating - Give your product a review rating. There are 11 ratings to choose from, ranging from 0 to 5 inclusive. Make your selection using the drop-down selector provided.



Image - Use the ...button button to browse for an image you would like to use alongside your product review.



Review - This is the text box in which you enter the main body content of your review. Be sure to cover the main features that your product offers to a potential purchaser.


Pros - In this text box, add any benefits you can for your product. You may also want to include details of any guarantees or bonuses you are offering along with your product, if applicable.


Cons - In this text box, add any negative points you can for your product. These can range from aesthetic issues to the user experience of the product itself, whatever is applicable to your product and this review.


Conclusion - Add a concluding statement or summary of your review as a whole. Ensure that this leads in the direction you want the reader to take action.


Having entered the details above for your product page you may proceed to the next tab: Step 3 - Product Review by clicking the button_application_next button.


To step forward to the corresponding 'Step 3' instruction for this particular QuickPage-type, click the link below:


Step 3 – Product Pages

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