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When you first arrive at this screen it will look like the picture below:





This is the part of the process where we actually set up our product information. As with all the sections in this wizard, accuracy is paramount, as your visitors are going to potentially be parting with their hard-earned savings based (in part) on the information you put into the following boxes.


Product Name – This is the name of the product to which this buy button relates. The product name is set at the point of creating a new product entry.


Note: This product name is what the customer will see throughout the purchase process, and upon purchase invoices/receipts. You should ensure that the name clearly identifies the product you are selling.


Enter the desired text for your product name in the text-box provided.



Ref – This ‘Product Reference’ is an useful value to set, since from time to time you may either update products (e.g. software upgrades, or e-book revisions) and so while the product name may remain the same, the ID can change to help you track exactly what product (or version of a product) someone has ordered.


Taking this idea a little farther, you may use multiple product reference numbers for different versions available of a single product. Here are some ideas along these lines:


English / Spanish / German language versions of your e-book.

Red / Blue / Green color versions of a Web site template download

UK / US / Australia shipping versions of a physical product


Each of the above products may have several listings with the same product name, but with different product references to help identify the different version of the product being purchased.



Currency – This is the currency in which you would like to present your product pricing, and in which you intend to make the actual sale. Be aware of currency exchange charges if your own PayPal account and inbound payment currencies differ. More information on this is available at the PayPal Web site.



Price – This is the price that you are selling this product for, in the currency selected above.



Once you’ve entered your product information, click the button_application_next button to move on to the next tab, Step 3 in this wizard.

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