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The Step 2 tab is where we will enter the textual data for our Privacy Policy QuickPage. On arriving at this tab, the window will resemble the screen-shot below (although your chosen design template may vary, of course):




The privacy policy text entry is much simpler than the other page-types. The reason for this that there are only two elements in the privacy policy page-type:





Privacy Policy text


And what’s more, to make life even easier for you, we’ve even included a sample privacy policy which you can adjust to fit your needs. It couldn’t get much simpler than that!



So, the only two things that you need to enter are:


Heading – You can specify, in this text-box, a suitable heading for your privacy policy. This should be a simple, short sentence along the lines of the following examples:


Privacy Policy

Our commitment to your privacy

We value your privacy

Keeping your details safe



Last Updated Date - Enter the date that you last reviewed/updated (or created) this Privacy Policy in the text-box provided. This is important as it shows the visitor that you pay ongoing attention to their privacy.



Remember, while the privacy policy text itself will be inserted into your page design automatically, it is essential that you review and amend the policy to fit your specific site requirements.



Having entered a page heading and last-updated date, you can proceed to the next tab: Step 3 - (Privacy Policy) by clicking the button_application_next button.



To step forward to the corresponding 'Step 3' instruction for this particular QuickPage-type, click the link below:


Step 3 – Privacy Policy Pages

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