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The Step 2 tab is where we will enter the textual data for our Press Release QuickPage. On arriving at this tab, the window will resemble the screen-shot below (although your chosen design template may vary, of course):





In this screen we need to enter our Press Release text into the spaces provided. This is a very straightforward process, outlined below.


Press Releases created using this template will confirm to the standard format seen on-line, and in using this template-based system you don’t need to worry about the layout at all – instead you can just focus on entering relevant, quality information in text form, for now.


The following information is required:


Heading – This should be an appropriate heading for your press release. When writing this heading, try to think how newspaper copywriters write article headlines. Use punchy, direct and engaging wording to grab the visitor’s attention and compel them to read on:


For example: voted #1 in world

New product-launch sells out in hours visitors top 70,000 in Q1

Kids clothing site backs local schools bid sponsors pie-eating contest


There are always plenty of chances to write relevant press releases, and to submit them to online news/PR agencies (such as – read your local news and also any trade press relating to your industry and see if there are any angles you can take on recent announcements/events as subject matter for an interesting press release.


Even if your articles aren’t picked up and republished, so long as the pages are relevant to your site’s subject matter they add valuable content to your site over time.



Subheading – Enter a sub-heading for your press release in the sub-heading box provided. The sub-heading should attempt to generate interest in the press release body (the Heading having grabbed the reader’s attention). The wording for your sub-heading can be slightly longer than the heading, but you should still take time to make it to-the-point and engaging.



Location – Enter your location in this box (city/state detail - not your full address!). This serves as the point of origin of your Press Release. Sometimes this value can be set to a Company/Organization instead if you feel it's more appropriate. The text entered here will generally appear near the start of your press release body text.



Date – Enter the date on which this press release is being published. Given the ‘news’ or ‘announcement’ theme that press releases generally have, the date is an essential piece of information that you should include.


Tip: Keep your old press releases organized in an archive. This is easy to do, using the sub-pages feature of XSitePro, and can help build your site’s (quality, relevant) page count over time – something which can help boost your site’s search engine ranking.



About – The about box is where you can enter a short paragraph about your company or organization (or about you, the author if company/organization is not applicable). The 'about' information is presented at the tail end of the press release body text.



Contact – Enter the contact details for your press release. This would usually include your Web site URL and your company/organization address if applicable, and this source data will be presented with your press release at all times (even if syndicated). This contact information is used by those people reading the article who would like to follow up with you directly (people including journalists / media).



Body – This is an incredibly important part of your Press Release. In this text box you need to enter the press release copy. Time should be taken to ensure that your content is interesting, relevant and appropriate.


Tip: When writing press releases, your writing style would generally not be as creative/flowery as when writing articles or other page content. The reason for this is that your press release’s primary function is to impart news information. Press releases are designed to be picked up by third party agencies and news publishers and so it is more important that the factual content is clearly communicated, than giving a personalized delivery of the content.


Also, it might be a good idea to include at least one quote – ideally from yourself – since the fact that you will feature across an archive (ultimately) of press releases on your site making considered and sensible comment in press releases will help establish your site, and you, as an authority on your chosen subject matter.


You may also find that if you show an ability to write good comment on matters in your subject area, that your visitors pick up on this, and you may start getting asked for comment by other site owners in similar subject areas. It’s a great way to build confidence in your site.


Feel free to use normal line-breaks and paragraphs when typing, but take care to ensure your paragraphs are short and concise – remember, overly verbose releases would require more editing were they picked up for republishing.



Having completed the date entry for your Press Release you can proceed to the next tab: Step 3 - (Press Releases) by clicking the button_application_next button.


To step forward to the corresponding 'Step 3' instruction for this particular QuickPage-type, click the link below:


Step 3 – Press Release Pages

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