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In this tab you can enter the generic meta data that will be used on all of the pages that the MPC Wizard is about to create.



Add these keywords to every page – In this box you should enter any generic keywords that you would like to be included in the keyword list for the pages that are about to be created. These will be words and phrases that apply to all of the pages being created and will not be as specific as the ones entered in the primary and secondary keyword columns on the Pages tab.



Page Description Settings – For the Web page description (i.e. the one that will appear on site maps and in the page's meta data) you have three choices:



You can enter a generic one in the box labeled ‘Use this description for every page’




You can choose to use the first 200 word's characters from the main panel (we'll be entering that data shortly on the Main Panel Template tab)




If you don’t wish to do either of the above, you can leave the page description blank simply by not entering any text in option 1, above.



For this example we'll enter a generic description. You can see how this, and the generic keywords, look in the screenshot below.





Note: You can use a powerful feature called ‘Tokens’, within this screen. For more information about using tokens, see the Tokens Section of this manual.



With the above data now entered, click on the button_application_next at the bottom of your screen to move onto the second tab in the MPC Wizard.

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