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In Step 2 you choose the format that you want the audio to be converted to for use on the web. The reason for this is that large audio files are not appropriate for listening to online, even on fast broadband connections.


The format you choose to convert it to will often depend on what the content of the audio file is and how important quality is.


For example, if your audio files' only content is speech then choosing Medium Quality / Average File Size (24 kbps) will be fine. Indeed, this format is fine for most audio content when used on line.


However, if your audio file is primarily music and you want it to sound as good as possible then you might want to go for either the 32kbps or the 48 kbps. Both of these will mean the file size is much larger and so will be slower to start playing on some people’s computers, but when it does start to play it will sound better than the 24kbps recording.


If all this sounds a bit complicated for you don’t worry. Select the format with the word RECOMMENDED next to it and you should be fine.


If your audio is already in a format appropriate for being played from a Web page (usually 32kbps or less) you do have the option to leave the file as-is and not convert it at all. If you wish to do this just select the Leave the file in its current format option.



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