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The second tab lets you choose from a selection of menu styles. To view what each style looks like just click on its name in the left hand panel.


There are two types of menu style to choose from; Dynamic and Static.


Dynamic Menus - These are graphical menus that include the ability to have sub-page menus. For example, when a user hovers their mouse over a menu option that has sub-pages the sub-page menu will automatically appear to the side or above or below depending on which menu panel you are editing the settings for.



Static Menus - Static menus are text-based. Any sub-pages will appear in the navigation menu as normal (i.e. if specified to do so on the Page Settings tab).



If you decide you don’t want to use any of the graphical menus you can click on the check box labeled Use XSitePro Version 1 style of Menu.



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