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When you arrive at step 2 you will see a screen like the one shown below:





Content Order - This screen is a very simplistic matrix enabling you to order the content of your mobile Web pages. As you click the options in the list, left, the visual feedback on the right updates to give you a clear picture of the order in which you page content will display. For example, in the screen above the title is at the top of our page. In the example below, we have started with the page navigation.





Show Sub-Page Links - This settings determines whether or not sub-pages will appear in the navigation menu that appears on every page. To disable sub-pages, just uncheck the checkbox provided.




The reason it is sometimes better to disable sub-pages is that some sites feature huge articles repositories (maybe hundreds of articles) and so featuring these sub-pages in the page navigation for your mobile site may make the navigation menu unusable (i.e it would be far too long to comfortably scroll past, to reach content, were the navigation menu above the Page Copy in your structure, above).




Once you are happy with the order in which the data will be presented (remembering the general rule that it is best to have your navigation at (or near) the top of the page, click the 'Next' button to proceed to Step 3 in the wizard.

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