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The second tab in this window will resemble the screen shown below:





The inclusions screen contains a list of all of the pages on your site. From this list you need to select those pages you would like to feature in your XML feed.



Important Notes


There are some important points to note at this point:


If you select a parent page in the list (by parent page, we refer to a page with 'sub-pages') then by default all of its sub-pages will be selected too.


By default this will mean that (with a parent page selected) any new sub pages added below that same parent page (added some time in the future) will automatically be added to our feed.


In a similar way, if you select the 'Whole Site' option, right at the top of the page list, that will (by default) automatically add all your site's pages to the feed, along with any new pages you add, over time.


When you select a parent page, any OTHER parent page (and sub-pages) selected will be unselected. In essence you can only select one parent page per feed. If you want to 'mix' content-types therefore, you should add mixed content sub-pages to ensure they are brought into their parent page.



Selection of Pages


To select your pages (be they parent pages, sub-pages or both) from the list, simply check the check-box to the left of the page name, in the list.


A check denotes 'inclusion within the XML feed'.


When selecting your pages, you will only be able to make one of the following three types of page selection:


1. Whole Site (all pages on your site will be initially selected)


2. Parent + Sub-Pages Selection (only one set can be selected)


3. Individual Page Selection



The reason the selection process works in this way is to maintain the correct XML feed structure - you will have a chance to deselect individual sub-pages in the next step in this wizard.



The below example shows an articles parent page selected (with its sub-pages automatically selected also, by default).






Once you have selected your pages for inclusion, you may now proceed to the next step by clicking the button_application_next button.

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