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The first screen, as you can see from the illustration above, has two principle options, as well as button, farther down the screen.


Use existing PayPal account e-mail – If you have created any previous products using this wizard, then any previously-used PayPal account e-mail addressed will be listed in the drop-down box to the right of this option.


If the e-mail address you wish to use is in this drop-down list button to view the list, then select this option, and choose your preferred PayPal account e-mail address from the list.




Add new PayPal account e-mail – If you already have a PayPal account e-mail address, but it is not already listed in the drop-down list above, then you may enter that address in the text-box provided.


Important: Please take great care to ensure you thoroughly check your details are correct when entering them, as mistakes made at this point could cause problems for you later on if undetected.


Any new PayPal account e-mail addresses entered will be available for other product entries after you complete the current product entry.



Don’t have a PayPal Account yet? – If you do not have an existing PayPal account (and so you cannot enter an account e-mail in the box provided above, then you will need to create an account in order to proceed. To jump straight to the PayPal Web site, and to make your account, click the ‘create paypal account’ button. This will load PayPal’s Web site for you.





XSitePro will remain open in the background, while you create your PayPal account. Once created, you may return to XSitePro and enter your new account e-mail address in the box provided, as described above.



Once you’ve entered (or selected) your preferred PayPal account e-mail address in this screen, click the button_application_next button to advance to the next tab, Step 2 in this product entry process.

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