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Make your selection from the available settings, described below.


Sub-Page Option –You will notice that the word ‘Jet Skis’ already appears in the ‘Create as sub-pages of’ box, in the top-right corner (circled in red in the above picture).


If you wanted to create the pages as sub-pages of a different parent page instead then you would just click on the browse button to the right of this text-box (to choose a different ‘parent’ page).



Page Settings – The MPC Wizard lets you choose various settings for the Web pages you are going to create. This saves you having to individually work your way through the pages after they have been created to manually change the settings. In this case we will choose to have each of the newly created pages appear on the left navigation menu so we'll put a check in the ‘Show on Left Navigation Menu’ box and we also want details of each of the pages to appear in the site map so we'll put a check in the Show on Site Map box.



Page Titles – In the table on the left side of the screen, enter the title for each of the pages you want to, one per line – put this text in the ‘Page Title’ column.


The words or phrases you enter here will become the title of the new page (.e.g 500hp Budget Single-Seater Ski), the filename of the new page (e.g. 500hp-Budget-Single-Seater-Ski.html) and when you use the search engine optimization tools these will be words/phrases that are analyzed. The completed pages list will look as follows.




Capitalize the Page Title Option – Putting a check in the Capitalize the Page Title checkbox will cause the primary keywords to be capitalized when they are used as the title for the newly created page. This means that "500hp budget single-seater ski" will become "500hp Budget Single-seater Ski", which looks far more professional.



Extra Keywords – In the Extra Keywords column enter additional keywords that are a variation on those in the Page Title column. For example the secondary keyword/phrase for ‘500hp Budget Single-Seater Ski’ might be ‘Water Sports’. It's often worth varying these as your aim is to create a wide spread of keywords and phrases across your pages that will help search engines to decide on the focus of your site. The more appropriate words and phrases you use the better it will usually be.


Below is a screenshot of how the Pages tab might look after entering the secondary keywords.





Import from TXT or CSV – If you have a lot of pages that you would like to create, quickly, and/or you have a CSV file with the data already entered, you can use this data to generate your page list, in this screen.


Click the button_multipage_creation_import button to load the screen below:





As you can see form the above screen, you can simply paste your text into this window, before clicking the ‘OK’ button, to add your pages, or you can use the button_multipage_creation_import_csv button to load a .txt file or a .csv file containing your page data.


Whether pasting text into the text-box shown above, or opening an existing txt/csv file, the format that your text file (or CSV file) must be in, is as follows:


Page_Title1,Extra_Keyword1, Extra_Keyword2, Extra_Keyword3,...

Page_Title2,Extra_Keyword1, Extra_Keyword2, Extra_Keyword3,...

Page_Title3,Extra_Keyword1, Extra_Keyword2, Extra_Keyword3,...


And so on.


Confirming your selection will enter the page information into the first tab, in the MPC wizard.


With the above data now entered, click on the button_application_next at the bottom of your screen to move onto the second tab in the MPC Wizard.

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