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The Advanced Text box designer can be loaded from the right-click menu as shown below:





On clicking this option, the Advanced Text Box screen will appear:





As you can see, the screen is split into two parts: A list of style options, left of the screen and a preview panel on the right. Selecting a style in the list of available options displays that style in the preview window.


You will notice that, in the list of available styles, some are grouped as 'Any Color Background' and some as 'White Background only'. The difference between the two groups is that the effects on some of the graphical frames use images with a white background. These image background colors are fixed and, as such, it is best to use these graphical frames on white (or very pale colored) backgrounds for the best effect.



Style options available:


Any Color Background:

Cut n Dash

Glow Blue

Glow Orange

Hard Drop Shadow

Two Toned Black

Two Toned Blue

Two Toned Red


White Background Only:


Curling with Shadow

Pinned Turning Page

Soft Drop Shadow

Turning Page



When you have decided upon a style, and have selected that style from the list, simply click the 'Next' button to advance to Step 2.

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