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The first thing we need to do is tell XSitePro how you would like the form to submit details to you. You have five options:




Get Response

ListMail Pro




As explained earlier in this section, the first four options are third-party auto-responder (or list management) applications.


Important: To use any of the third-party solutions you must have already signed-up for, or installed, the application before continuing with forms wizard. It will be assumed that this is the case later in the form design process. For your convenience, links to the Web sites for each of the respective third-party applications is provided on this first screen.


If you would prefer to you may specify e-mail as the preferred submission method. By selecting the e-mail submission method you will receive individual form entries by e-mail to a designated e-mail account (set later in this section).


Note: To use the e-mail submission method your web-host (specifically, the web server to which your Web site is published) must support PHP. To make it easy to check whether or not your server does in fact support PHP this screen features a handy “PHP checker”. For details of how this checker works visit the PHP Checker section of this manual.



To make your selection simply select your preferred option, in the list.



Note: All of the subsequent tabbed screens (with the exception of step 6: Settings) are the same for all of the submission method options.


Note: Of the five submission methods available, the first three listed only allow you to create forms using 'Name' and 'Email'. Only the ListMailPro and E-Mail submission methods enable you to have forms with three fields (First Name, Last name and E-Mail).



Having selected your desired submission method, you should now click the button_application_next at the bottom of your screen. This will advance the Forms Wizard onto Step 2 of the form design process.


You may also use the navigation tabs (Labeled Step 1 – Step 7), at the top of the window, to jump straight to a particular part of the form design process if you prefer.

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