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When you arrive at this tab, your window will resemble the image below:





There are six pieces of information we need to enter into this screen, and each of these is covered below.


The first three settings are really down to personal preference. Default values are suggested, but if you have particular reasons why you would like to vary these values you may do so using the following controls:



Page Title – This is the page title that will appear in the visitor’s browser title-bar (and tabbed windows if in IE7+). The default value for this title is “Site Map” but you can edit this text by simply over-typing the existing text if you would like.



File Name – Again, a default value for the site map file name is suggested by XSitePro. To change this value, simply enter the desired filename text into the box provided.


Note: If changing the file name, be sure only to use alpha-numeric characters (no spaces or symbols), and also ensure you include the file extension: .html


So, your filename should follow this format:


filename.html (where filename is your chosen text, of course).



Menu Text – Just as with your Web pages, you can specify a different name by which this page will be identified in your navigation menus. Enter your desired menu text in this text box.



The fourth setting, below, can be varied if required.


Folder – As with other components (images, videos, etc) on your site, the site maps may also be stored in their own separante folder. To specify a folder simply type the name in the box  provided.



The next two settings on this screen, the page meta data, are essential pieces of information about this site map page itself, and you should take a moment to fill this out correctly.


Page Description – In this text box you need to enter a description for this page that describes the content on the page. This description will be picked up by search engine spiders crawling your site and so it is important that the descriptive text you entered is informative, relevant and features your primary keywords.



Keywords – The keywords for this page are also important insofar as they help search engines determine the subject matter of your site map’s page content. These keywords should reflect your general site keywords list.


Type your keywords in to the box provided, one word/phrase per line.



On completing the above settings, click the button_application_next to advance to the next (and final) part of the site map customization




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