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This screen is where you set up the basic information about your Pop-up and choose which sort of Pop-up you want to create out of the four available Pop-up types we have already reviewed, earlier in this section.


Pop Up Name – In this box you need to enter a name for your Pop-up. This is for your own use only – it will help you identify this Pop-up in the Pop-ups list, later on. Use a short name that will enable you to instantly recognize this Pop-up, such as:


Special Offer – 40% off

Name Grab – Free Report

Survey – Summer 2008

and so on...


Description – Beneath your Pop-up title there is a box for a short description of the Pop-up you are creating. Once again, this is for your own use only and should be used to help identify specific Pop-ups within what could become quite a long list of Pop-ups you create and text on your site. If you are testing out different versions of similar forms, you might want to use the description box to enter details of the variations so that you can track the performance of this Pop-up. For example:


Variation of 40% Special Offer – Different Heading – Ran 08-22-08 through 09-22-08


This adds value to your use of the Pop-ups tool in that it helps you track which Pop-ups work, and which do not (after all, they’re there for a purpose, not just for the novelty value!).


Pop-up type – Choose from the four different Pop-up types available:



Pop In


Pop Over


Pop Under


Site Exit


Note: The latter three Pop-ups in the list above use a standard ‘explorer window’ in which to display your Pop-up. This Pop-up is arguably more prone to detection (and therefore blocking) by the different Pop-up blockers used by your site’s visitors. There are also some settings for the Pop-In that are not available to other Pop-up types (such as window colors etc.). As you navigate subsequent steps in this section you will notice these features grayed out for those Pop-ups for which they do not apply.


To make your selection form the four different Pop-ups, click the option of your choice. It will be selected in the list and the steps that follow in the Pop-up creation process will now adapt to this selection appropriately.



Position – Using this control you can specify where, on the user’s screen, you would like the Pop-up to be displayed. This is incredibly important as it allows you to test different placements of different Pop-up types.


You may find, for example, that you get a better response for adverts placed in the so-called ‘golden triangle’ in the top left corner of most Web pages:





Equally, you may wish to set your Pop-up to appear on the right side of the screen so as not to obscure other important page content, when it appears.


The options available for placing your Pop-up are:


Top Left

Top Center

Top Right

Center Left


Center Right

Bottom Left

Bottom Center

Bottom Right


These correspond approximately to the following illustration:




To make your selection from the available position options, click the drop-down button, shown below. This will present a list of the available options from which you can select your preference.





Once you click your preferred Pop-up position in the list, the drop-down button will update to show your current selection.



With the above settings made you can now proceed to the next step in the Pop-up design process. Click the button_application_next to move on to Step 2.

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