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When you arrive at the first tab screen in the video wizard, the screen will resemble the image below:





As you can see from the illustration there is only one thing we need to enter here, and that's the full path to the file we wish to use for our video insertion.


You may either type the path (including the filename) directly into the text-box provided or, if preferred, you can click the file browse button to the right of the text-box to browse for, and select, your video file.



On clicking the browse button above, you will be presented with a standard windows browser window through which you can navigate to, and select video files in any of the following file formats:











With such a large selection of video file formats catered for by this module it is highly unlikely that you will have any video content this tool can't process.



Having selected your video file, click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the window to proceed to the next step in the video insertion process.

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