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When you first load the Mobile Site Wizard you will be on the first of the seven steps (or tabs). These steps are intended to be worked through in order - as you complete each screen, click the button labeled 'Next' at the bottom of the window, this will advance you to the next step.


The first screen, Step 1, resembles the screen-shot below:





There are only two things we need to look at on this screen:


Enable Mobile Site Generation - Checking this check-box enables the mobile site feature of XSitePro for this site only. If checked, every time you publish this site, XSitePro will also publish a mobile site version of the site at the same time, ensuring that it stays up-to-date.



Folder Name - The mobile site is published into a different folder to your main site (for obvious reasons, since the two sites cannot sit in the same directory). By default the folder that the files will be published to is called 'mobile_site' but you can change this by simply over-typing the folder name with a new name.



Power-user tip: if you are comfortable using the CPanel for your domain (to which you are publishing this site) it might be a good idea to create a subdomain (e.g. "wap") which will result in the creation of a subdirectory in your main 'public_html' directory by the same name (in this case, 'wap'). Then, in the Folder Name settings, in Step 1 of the Mobile Site Wizard, specify this ('wap') folder. The end result of this action will mean that your new mobile Web site will be accessible via a nice clean URL:



With these two values set, click the 'Next' button to proceed to Step 2.

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