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When you load the Social Networking Link tool you will be at the first tab by default. This tab is where you choose the actual links to feature on the Web page in question.



Why not just include all the links?


Not all social networking sites are equal! It's really only worth featuring social networking links to sites that you feel can actually do something for you - otherwise it's just going to clutter up your page unnecessarily.


Take a moment to check out some of the social networking sites in the list of available links - you will see some that are fairly specialist (Wist, for example, is pretty much all about shopping, so there'd be little point featuring a Wist link on an article page).


Ideally you want to pick those social networking sites that feature content of a similar nature to that you're hoping to submit, and sites with strong, active communities engaging with the content submitted.


Look at the content featured on these sites - is it fresh? How many votes does content need to get to become 'featured' content?


With a little research you will quickly figure out which links are worth featuring on your pages.



Making your selection


To select from the list of links available, follow the steps below:



In the Step 1 screen, you will see two boxes - the full list of available links (on the left), and the current selection of links (which will be inserted into your page) on the right.





Of course, at first the box on the right will be empty as you won't have added any links to your list yet. To get started, simply select a chosen entry from the list on the left, and then click the right-facing arrow to move this option from the left-hand list, to your list on the right hand side.




You have effectively added one link to your list. Now repeat this process for all of the links you wish to feature on your page.




Once you have added all of the links you require to the right-hand list, click the 'Next' button at the bottom of the window to proceed to the next step.

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