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To sort your links categories you need to re-order your categories list using the links page tool. The category structure in XSitePro allows you to create up to three levels of links - that is to sub-categorize your links across three levels in total. For example, if you had a site about vehicles, your links structure might resemble that below:





This link structure will determine the inter-linking between category/sub-category links' pages if you have enabled one of the multi-page options in the link's page design settings.


To set up your category structure:



Open the link's page settings window, from within the 'Other' tab.






From the Links Manager screen, click the 'Manage Links' button






In this window, click the 'Manage Categories' button, in the bottom right corner






The list of categories on the left side will display all those categories that you have created. If none are shown, visit the section in this manual about 'Adding Categories' before completing this section. Immediately to the right of this list, note the up/down, left/right control arrow buttons.






Select a category in the list by clicking once upon it.




Sort this category entry as follows:


Click the up arrow - to move the category up the list


Click the down arrow - to move the category down the list


Click the right arrow - to make the category a sub-category of the category immediately above, in the list


Click the left arrow - to move a sub-category into the level as the next 'parent' category above it. Note, this will only have any effect if your category is actually a sub-category.



The before and after shots below show a flat list re-organized into a structure category list.







7. When you are happy with your category structure, click the 'Save' button to return to the Links window.

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