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Social Media and Social Networking are phenomena that no self-respecting Web site operator can afford to ignore in today's socially-networked world.


As the veritable explosion of socially networked media rolls on a number of opportunities have presented themselves to Web site operators for the onward promotion of their page content.



How do these networks work?


Social Networks, social media and other socially-networked sites operate by allowing contributors to post articles, news and other content (images and videos in some cases) to these community-driven sites. In turn, the community itself determines the relative worth of the content submitted, generally through a system of 'voting'.


This principle of "quality floats to the top" is augmented by algorithms run by (some of) the site operators themselves, helping to determine what content is genuine and high quality.


The payback can be significant if your content is good enough, with a large funnel of sites driving traffic back to your site.

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