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Ok, so how can XSitePro help you tap into this opportunity?


XSitePro makes adding the appropriate social networking links (with which people can submit your page content and/or 'vote' for it) a very simple process indeed.


The social bookmarking tool is accessed from the right-click menu in the designer window:


1. In the page designer window, right click where you would like the social networking links to be added.



Social Media Menu


2. From the right-click menu that appears select the menu option 'Social Media'. You then have a choice of three further options. Selecting 'Insert Social Network Link...' will load the following screen:





As you can see from the screen shot above, the process of inserting social bookmark links is a two step process (with a tabbed screen for each). The two steps are:


1. Choosing the links you would like to feature on your page


2. Customizing the style of the insertion

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