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The first thing to mention about Snippets is that it sounds as though it is something technical, but in reality it can be used for anything from inserting standard details such as your contact information right through to complex sections of code, graphics, tables – absolutely anything.

In other words, whether you’re a technophobe or an experienced coder, Snippets is something that you can use on a regular basis and it can save you a lot of time.


The Snippets feature in XSitePro serves two purposes.


First, it provides an easy way to insert lines of code into your document at the point where you have positioned the cursor. This can be useful for inserting such things as tracking scripts and affiliate code (although the latter is usually better off managed via the Affiliate Wizard).



Secondly, the Snippets feature provides a great way to store and reuse regularly entered text, script, images or anything else you’d regularly find on a Web site. Just enter the information, save it to your Snippets library and than have instant access to it whenever necessary.



For example, if you used the same resource box at the bottom of each of your article pages rather than having to type it out in full each time you would just enter it once, save it in your Snippets library and then the next time you need to type it you would just right click and select it from your Snippet library.



Example of using Snippets to insert an Article Resource box


If you use articles regularly you’ll know that it is always wise to include a resource box that provides the source of the article. Here’s an example:





The problem is that if you obtain articles from a variety of sources you can end up with a wide variety of differently styled resource boxes on your pages. Rather than put up with the design anomaly you decide to use exactly the same style of resource box every time you add an article.


You have three options:


Option 1: Recreate the resource box from scratch every time you add an article.


Option 2: Find a page on your site that already has the correctly styled resource box and cut and paste it at the bottom of the new article.


Option 3: Use the Snippets feature to insert the correctly styled source box in just a few clicks of the mouse.



Option 1 is very time consuming. You can imagine how many hours or even days you could waste recreating the resource box every time you add a new article.


Option 2 is quicker, but messy. It means you have to navigate away from the page you are creating and find a resource box that looks right. You then need to cut this out and navigate back to your new article page. You then have to scroll to the bottom of the page and paste the resource box in the correct place.


Option 3 is quick and simple. Just position the cursor where you want the resource box. Right-click and go to the Snippet Library. Select the resource box you’d created previously and click insert. That’s it!



Below are instructions for inserting lines of code, inserting a new Snippet and adding it your Snippet Library, Inserting a Snippet from your library into a Web page, and how to edit and delete existing snippets from your Snippet’s Library.

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