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This is a very useful and incredibly powerful report.


You should view or print this report at regular intervals, particularly prior to publishing to the Internet, so that you can make sure that all of the necessary information has been entered and that your pages are search engine friendly.


Without the Site To Do List you would have to manually go through each page to find out what data you have missed or what keywords you have not used correctly. This normally takes hours to do on a small site and days or even weeks on a large site. With XSitePro you can have this information at your fingertips within seconds.



Running the Site To Do List Report



Make sure you have the Web site open (i.e. you have selected that Web site from the Web sites tab and are in the Site Design section of XSitePro).




Click on the Reports Button or select Reports from the Menu bar.




Select Site To Do List from the list of reports.




After a few seconds a new window will appear on your screen containing the Site To Do List report.




Use the scroll bar on the right of the report window to view the report on screen or click on the Print button to send it to your printer.




The three sections to the Site To Do List


The first section provides a summary that lists the total pages that need to be worked on, the number of pages for which there is nothing to do, the number of non-critical tasks that need doing, the number of critical tasks that need completing and the average number of tasks to do per page.


The second section lists each of the pages within the Web site that has outstanding tasks. Each page name in the list is a link. If you click on that link you will be taken to the section of the report that lists the to do tasks for that specific page.


The third section is a page-by-page list of all the pages and the tasks that need to be carried out for each page.



Two types of tasks: critical and non-critical


Critical tasks - things you really should do before publishing the site to the Internet. For example if you have missed a page description on one of your pages this would be flagged as a critical task.


Non-critical tasks - tasks that are recommended, but not essential.



Completing Tasks and Refreshing the Report


You can leave the Site To Do report page open while you work through the list. As you complete the tasks on the list you can make them disappear from the report window by clicking on the refresh button button_reports_refresh at the bottom of the window.


Alternatively, you might prefer to print out the report by clicking on the button_reports_print button.


This allows you to work through the list and put a check next to each completed task on the printed report with a pen or pencil. Once you've completed all the tasks you can re-run the report and reprint it if necessary.


To close this report, simply click the button_reports_close button in the bottom right corner of the window.

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