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If you'd prefer to see your To Do List broken down by tasks rather than by pages then this is the report for you.


Some people find it easier working through a page at a time. If that's the way you like to work then print-out (or view on screen) the normal to do list (see Site To Do List Report) and then work your way through each task on each page, before moving onto the next page.


The alternative method is to focus on a specific task and fix that across all of the pages. Sometimes this can be a better option as it allows you to concentrate your mind on a specific type of task (e.g. thinking of appropriate keywords).


For example, on the Site To Do List by Task you can see a list of all pages that need keywords. Each of these pages might have other to do tasks in addition to this, but for now you'd focus on that one aspect and complete it for all pages. Then you'd move onto pages needing descriptions, or whatever was on your list.



Running the Site To Do List By Task Report



Open the Web site, or select the Web site from the Project screen.




Click on the Reports Button or select Reports from the Menu bar.




Select Site To Do List By Task from the list of reports.




After a few seconds a new window will appear on your screen containing the Site To Do List By Task report.




Use the scroll bar on the right of the report window to view the report on screen or click on the Print button to send it to your printer.



The information in the to do list (by Task) is identical to that in the to do list (by Page) only ordered by task, rather than page.



To refresh this report, on your screen, click the button_reports_refresh button at the bottom of your screen.


Printing out this report is done by just clicking the button_reports_print button - also at the bottom of this screen.


To close this report, simply click the button_reports_close button in the bottom right corner of the window.

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