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The Site Search tool within XSitePro is an incredibly powerful tool that enables you to embed completely integrated search functionality within your site.


There are plenty of examples on-line of high quality sites using Site Search functionality to good effect:




As you can probably see from the above examples, there is more to a good-looking site search tool than a simple 'text-box'.



Site search functionality actually requires three components:



The Search Box



A results page (on which the search results are displayed)



Code to carry out the search and display the results



Until now even substantial sites were largely reliant on third-party tools (such as Google’s site-specific search tool). While these often work satisfactorily, they immediately convey a subliminal message to the visitor that the site they are visiting is of a ‘certain quality’.


Now, all XSitePro users have functionality at their disposal which was once the preserve of only leading Web sites, with this simple-to-use tool.


As well as bringing a feature (which may have historically seemed ‘daunting’) within the reach of non-technical users, this great feature makes it incredibly quick for even the most seasoned web-site builders (for whom search functionality was possible) an incredibly quick process.


And not only is the initial creation process quick and easy, so too is editing your Site Search settings after you’ve inserted them in your Web page (or page layout). At any future point, if you wish to edit your Site Search settings you will be able to simply right-click the placeholder in your web-page design, and select “Site Search Properties” to reload the Site Search Forms module.


For your site’s visitors, the search facility is an almost ‘expected’ feature of a modern Web site. With the huge number of Web sites available, enormous quantities of content, high-speed Internet connectivity and time-pressures upon many people in today’s society, a search tool helps visitors achieve a key objective on your site: Finding information fast!


Think for a moment about the average time spent on your site. If you already track these metrics on your site (using some form of analytics) you will probably already know that the average time spent on a Web site is very low indeed – often only a few minutes.


So, if in the time that we have our visitors’ attention we can help them quickly find the product or information they are after it is a reasonable assumption that it will have a positive effect on our site’s performance. After all, we’ve all clicked away from a site when we ‘just couldn’t find what we were looking for’, right?


Using the XSitePro Site Search tool is very straightforward and is explained in the following sections.

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