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The Site Publishing Report provides a detailed look at what happened each time you published your Web site to the Internet.


It allows you to see exactly which pages were published, which ones were not published and why, what username and password you used, the time taken to publish, and any errors that occurred during the publishing process.



Running the Site To Do List By Task Report



Open the Web site, or select the Web site from the Project screen.




Click on the Reports Button or select Reports from the Menu bar.




Select Site Publishing from the list of reports.




After a few seconds a new window will appear on your screen containing the Publishing Report.



The Publishing Report window is split into four parts:


Part 1: Pages Published Over Time – This gives you an overview, by year quarter, of the number of pages published for this site.



Part 2: Site Publishing Over Time – This section gives you a snap-shot overview of what sort of job you’re doing, as far as keeping your site up-to-date is concerned. Generally speaking, most sites will benefit for having the content updated regularly over time, so long as that content is relevant, quality and (reasonably) original.


The graph in this section plots the number of times you published this site over the past twelve month period.



Part 3: Time to Publish Over Time – This gives a very general overview of the time that your site has taken to publish over the last twelve month period. This can be another way to ascertain publishing activity over time.



Part 4: Publishing Errors Over Time – This report clarifies what level of publishing errors there have been, over the last twelve months.



To refresh this report, on your screen, click the button_reports_refresh button at the bottom of your screen.


Printing out this report is done by just clicking the button_reports_print button - also at the bottom of this screen.


To close this report, simply click the button_reports_close button in the bottom right corner of the window.

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