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Before you can insert ClickBank adverts into your pages you first need to set-up your ClickBank Affiliate Account within XSitePro.


If you don’t currently have a ClickBank Affiliate account you can create one by going to:


If you already have a ClickBank Affiliate account you can link XSitePro to your ClickBank account.


1. Click on the 'Design' tab, under 'Web Pages', as shown below.



design tab


2. Right-click at the location where you would like to add a ClickBank product advert, and select the following:

Insert Advertising


Clickbank Product...



ClickBank menu




This will take you to the ClickBank Product Search, as shown below.



cb product search


3. Click the 'Manage Accounts' button to add your ClickBank account to XSitePro. You only need to do this once, as your account will be permanently linked to XSitePro once you have entered your ClickBank ID and password. Click OK to confirm.

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