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To access the XML syndication tool, you can either launch it from the Other tab or from the right-click menu.


If launching from the Other tab the button will resemble the one shown below:





If you are launching this module from the right-click menu, select the 'Insert XML Syndication Link' option off the right click menu, as shown below:





On loading the XML syndication module the screen will resemble the one shown below:





As you can see from the screen shot above there will not be any feeds for you to insert at first, and so we need to create our feed as per the instructions below, before then inserting it as described in a section following this one.



Creating an XML feed


From the XML window described above, click the 'Load Feeds Manager' button.





Clicking this button will load the XML Syndication Feeds Manager window, shown above.



The Feeds Manager screen has a table with four columns:


Feed title - The name you gave your feeds when creating them.

Number of Pages - The number of pages featured in this feed.

Edit - Features a link which, if clicked, will open the feed settings for editing.

Delete - Features a link which, if clicked, will delete the feed in question.



The feeds manager list will be empty the first time you load it, so we now need to add a new feed by clicking the 'Add New Feed' button.





The add new feed window that appears (on clicking the button above) will look like the illustration below:




As you can see from the screen shot, there are four steps to this tabbed screen, and each of them will be covered of in the sub-topics below this one.


The sections we will review are:


Step 1: Naming

Step 2: Inclusions

Step 3: Exclusions

Step 4: Settings

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