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To create an Oxado account you must first load the Oxado module from the right-click menu, in the designer window:





Having selected the Oxado menu option, from the right-click menu, the following screen will appear:





If you have not already created an Oxado account you will of course notice that this screen is blank - there are no advertisements listed. To add new advertisements (which we can then insert into our page content) we will first need to create an Oxado account.


To do this, follow the steps below:


1. In the Oxado PPC Advertisement window, click the button labeled 'Open an Oxado Account'.





2. Clicking the above button will load the Oxado Web site. On this screen you need to click the 'Become an Affiliate' link (or similar) shown below:





3. In the screen that appears (on the Oxado Web site) you will now be asked whether this account is for yourself or for a company. The steps that follow will assume that the account is a personal one, for yourself (although the company account set-up steps are very similar).


Click the button labeled 'for yourself' (or similar) on the Oxado Web page.





4. Choose your country from the drop-down box provided and click the 'ok' button to continue.



5. In the screen that follows you need to enter your personal information, including (as a minimum):



First name

Last Name


Zip/Postal Code



Retype E-Mail


Retype Password

Payment Mode

Payment details (dependant on choice of payment method, above)


6. Having entered your information above, check the terms and conditions confirmation and the bottom of the page and then click the 'OK' button to proceed.



That's it! Your Oxado account application is now created and you will be sent an e-mail containing a confirmation link.


Important: You must click on the verification link in the e-mail that Oxado send you in order to activate your account.



You will now be able to log-in (from the link shown below, on the Oxado home page) and generate advertising code (how?) for use within XSitePro.

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