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When you conduct a search for a keyword or phrase, the results are displayed in this results table.





The table contains 5 columns, left to right:


Elements - A particular part of your Web page against which the searched-for word/term will be checked.


Elements checked include:


Page Title



All Headings

All Links

All Images

Top Third (of page content)

Complete Page



Words - The number of words that make up the element, above.


Example: A heading element "All About Bikes" will have a word count of '3'.



Char. - The number of characters that make up the element, above.


Example: Using the same heading as above, "All About Bikes" we would see a 'Char.' value of '15' including spaces.



Freq. - The number of times that the searched-for word/phrase appears within the element, above.


Example: If we were to search for the word 'Bikes' we would find that the word appears only one time in our heading element example, used above.



Density - The percentage (or density) of the element, above, that the searched-for word/phrase accounts for.


Example: In our heading element example, the word 'Bikes' appeared once in a total of 3 words. The density, therefore, for the term 'Bikes' is 1/3 or 0.33%.

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