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The Amazon Self Optimizing Links Advert will create either a single product advert or an advertisement covering several products.


With the Self Optimizing Link Advert products are selected automatically for you based on the content of the page on which the advert appears.


For example, if you have a page that is all about trout fishing then any products listed will relate to trout fishing.


Don’t worry if on first inspection the products listed don’t match the theme of your page. When you actually publish the page the accuracy will usually increase dramatically. However, should you find after publishing the page that the products listed still don’t match the theme of the page as you would like them to then you will need to edit the copy on the page so that Amazon is more likely to realize it is about that particular topic.


For example if you have a page that is dedicated to learning Spanish, but all the books that are displayed are about going on holiday to Spain, you should try to reword some of the copy on the page so that there are more instances of phrases such as:


Learning to Speak Spanish


Speaking Conversation Spanish


Spanish Language skills


Spanish Speaking resources


Spanish language classes



It’s amazing how frequently you will discover that a page you have written about a particular subject doesn’t actually mention that subject directly enough. Amazon can only go from the words and phrases that you have used, so you need to make sure that you help Amazon out by using words and phrases that will clearly indicate what the page is about. However, you’ll often be amazed as to how clever Amazon’s Self Optimizing adverts are and how frequently they get the topic spot on first time.



How to insert an Amazon Self Optimizing Advert into a Web page


To insert an Amazon Self Optimizing Advert in your page follow the steps below.




Click on the Designer button for the Web page in which you want to insert the Amazon Self Optimizing Advert.




Position the cursor where you want the Amazon Self Optimizing Advert to be inserted and right click with your mouse.




On the right-click menu select Insert Advertising, then choose Amazon and then select Self Optimizing Link.




The Amazon Self Optimizing Links Advert window will now be displayed on your screen.





The screen is split into two parts. On the top are various settings for the advert and below is a preview window so that you can see what your advert is going to look like.




Change the settings at the top of the window to create the kind of advertisement you want displayed on your site:



Advert Size – Click on the drop down to view all the different sizes of advert available. The first number relates to the width of the advert in pixels and the second number is the height of the advert. So, for example, a 160 x 600 advert will be 160 pixels wide and 600 pixels high.



Show Product Images – This option lets you choose whether or not you want the advert to include product images. Click on the drop-down button to change the option.



Ad Position – Use this option to select how you want text on the page to wrap around the advert. The options are to the left, to the right, or in the normal flow.



Amazon Account – Lets you choose which Amazon affiliate account to use for this advertisement.



Amazon Logo – Lets you choose whether you want to include the Amazon logo on the advert or not.



Link Target – Select whether you would like a new window to open if someone clicks on any of the links in the advert. This is useful if you want to ensure your Web site stays open in the background while someone is browsing Amazon.



Show Border – This option switches the advert's border on and off, which can be useful if you want it to blend in with your site design.



Border/Header Color – Select the color that you would like for the border and for the header at the top of the advert.



Text Color – This is the color of the non-link text in the advert, i.e. any text that is not a link.



Link Color – This is the color of any links in the advert.



Background color – This lets you set the color of the background for the advert. If you want the advert to blend in perfectly with your site you will want to set this to the same color as the background of your Web page.



Once you are happy with how your advertisement looks in the preview panel click on the OK button to insert it into your Web page.


An Amazon place holder will appear on your page in the exact position where the advert is going to appear. When you preview or publish the page this page holder will be replaced with the Self Optimizing Adverts that should display products that are relevant for the content of the page. This information will come directly from Amazon, which means you need to be online whenever you preview pages with Amazon adverts on.


If, after inserting the ad, you are not happy with how the advert looks, you can edit the ads properties by right-clicking on the Amazon place holder and selecting Amazon Properties.

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