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The Scheduler Settings are on the fourth tab in the Global Preferences window. They can be accessed by clicking on the Settings menu, and selecting the 'Scheduler' option.





In the Scheduler section there is just one setting that you can adjust:


Automatic Start - If enabled, this option will set the Taskbar scheduler (the application that automatically publishes your Web sites on auto-pilot, independently of the main XSitePro application) to load automatically every time windows starts.


This basically means that even if you do not load XSitePro, the Taskbar Scheduler program will run quietly in the background every time you turn on (or reboot) your PC. While you are working normally on your machine the Taskbar Scheduler is sitting waiting for the next publishing time to arrive, at which point it will quickly upload the Web site content as per your publishing schedule.


If you would rather the Taskbar Scheduler did not load each time windows started, simply uncheck the check-box.



Note: If you disable this feature the Taskbar Scheduler will not automatically load next time you restart your PC. If the Taskbar Scheduler is not running, it obviously cannot carry out the publishing schedule that you set it to, therefore it is recommended that you leave this option enabled.



If you would like to review your Taskbar Scheduler settings at this point you may do so by clicking the 'Start Scheduler' button at the bottom of the window. This will launch the Taskbar Scheduler program, more details on which are available in the section in this manual entitled 'Taskbar Scheduler'.



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