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XSitePro gives you the option of saving your Web site as a template site, for re-use at a future point should you so wish. This can be particularly useful if you are creating similar sites along a theme (for example, if you are producing feeder sites within a niche, with subtle variations from site to site).


The ‘Save as Template’ tool can be launched from two different screens within the application.


From the project management screen: You can load the ‘Save as Template’ tool from two locations within the Project Management screen:


The ‘Tools’ menu - Select the ‘tools’ menu option, and then, from the menu that appears, choose the ‘save as template’ option





Right-clicking on Web sites in the project/site list – If you right-click on the Web site from within the Web site list (from the Project Management screen) you can select "Save As Template" from the menu that appears.



In both cases, above, selecting the ‘Save as template’ option will load the Save as Template screen as shown below:





The screen above contains a small selection of settings that you may enter in the course of creating your site template.



Template Name – This is the name of your site template as will appear in the list of Site Templates from which you can choose at a future point (if creating a Web site from a template). Simply type a suitable name into the box provided.



Category – From the drop-down list provided, make your selection of the category of site template into which you would like this new template adding. Click the piece_save_as_template_category button and then, in the list that appears, click the desired category name to continue.



Description – This descriptive text will appear within the template selection process, to assist with identifying (and selecting) your template from a list of available templates. Use a description that clearly identifies this site template’s characteristics. For example, if you are including pages/publishing details with the template (see settings below) then make a note of this fact in the template description.



Template Options:


Include Publishing Details – Checking this check-box will cause any publishing details set for this site to be included in your site template. Be careful including publishing details within the site template, as each site produced using this template would theoretically overwrite the others (also created with this template), being published to the same location.



Include Web pages – Checking this option will cause the pages featured in this particular site to be included within the site template created. If you are creating a template with some of the more common pages included (privacy policy, contact details, etc.) this can be very useful as it will of course save you recreating these same pages each time you build a new site.


Note: If including Web pages in your site template, be careful not to end up with multiple sites that are significantly the same as one another in terms of page design and content. This will likely cause search engine ranking issues due to the 'duplicate content filters' employed by the bigger search engines.



Screenshot – A screen-shot of the home page for the site, that you are creating a template from, will be automatically presented on the right hand side of your window. This screen-shot will be attached to the template listing, again to make it easier to identify your template at a later point.



When you have entered the necessary information as described above you can click the button_save_as_template_create button. You will then see a confirmation message informing you that your new template has been added to the category you specified, and is now available for selection when creating a new Web site from a template.

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