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To make it easy to publish your work across multiple sites, or simply to ensure your sites are all up-to-date, this feature enables you to select multiple sites for publishing.


To publish multiple sites, go to the 'Publish' menu and select 'Publish Multiple Sites...', as shown below.




The Multi-Site Publishing window will load, similar to the one shown below.




All you need to do now is select the checkboxes for the websites you wish to publish all in one go. To publish all sites in a project simply click the checkbox next to the project name. Alternatively, select / deselect all sites using the bottom checkbox.


Click settingsbutt to enter your publishing details, including domain name and FTP server. If you have already entered these details in your individual web site, and they are accurate, there is no need to adjust the settings again here.


Click pubbutton to commence the multiple site publishing.


Remember that as long as you have entered the correct publishing details (either through the settingsbutt option here or in the 'Publishing Details' tab of your selected individual websites) you should not encounter any problems with this multiple site publishing process.


Just like when you published websites individually, the 'Publishing Progress' log will appear to track the publishing of your websites.




When your websites have finished publishing, you will see the 'Multi Publish Results' window, as shown below.


multi publish results


A complete list of all the websites published (divided by their respective project names), will be shown on the left hand side. The right hand side contains the usual log and errors records, as seen from publishing websites individually. Select a website from the left to views its publishing log and any errors.


Click closebutton. You have now successfully published multiple websites!

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