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These settings let you adjust the size of the box in which the feeds are displayed and also to set border colors, sizes, backgrounds and padding.





Width – Specify the width of the box in which the feed will be displayed. This will vary depending on where you want to position the feed on the page. For example, if you are putting the feed in the right panel then you may specify a width of 120 pixels, whereas if you want it to display in your main panel then you would choose a size that is only slightly smaller than your existing main panel, such as 500 pixels.



100% Checkbox – If you want the feed box to take up the full width of the panel in which you are placing it, put a check in the 100% checkbox. This will mean that the width you specified will be ignored, and that the feed box will fill up the space available to it. This will resize accordingly should you make any adjustments to the panel widths on your Web site at a later date. This setting is particularly useful when inserting a feed in the main panel of your Web site.



Background – Choose the color of the feed box. If you want this to stand out from other items on your site you might pick a color that is markedly different from the colors you already have on your site. However, you will often want the feed box to blend in perfectly with the rest of your content so that it looks like a real part of the site rather than data from an external feed. In this case choose the same background color here as you are already using on that panel of your site, e.g. if it is going in the right panel use the same color background as your existing right panel.



Border – If your feed box is going to have a border then select its color here. Many people choose to have the feeds blend in perfectly with their site. If this is the case then either select the same border color as the background color for the panel in which you are inserting the feed box or set the Border Size to 0 pixels (see below).



Border Size – The thickness of the border can be anywhere between 0 pixels (i.e. no border) and 10 pixels wide. If you want your feed box to blend in perfectly change this setting to 0 pixels.



Padding – This is the gap between the border of your feed box and where the text appears. The higher the setting the larger will be the gap. Typically the padding will be between 2 pixels and 10 pixels, but the software will allow you to set it to whatever size you like.

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