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When you design your site in the Page Layout section of XSitePro you will probably specify a Right Panel. This panel is an ideal place to feature content such as testimonials, advertising, feeds and other elements. This said, it is often preferable to vary (or in some cases, even remove altogether) the Right Panel content depending on the page being viewed.


For example, if you have a sales page, selling the benefits of your product and explaining why the user should purchase your product, then it is not a particularly good idea to feature an Adsense block in the Right Panel. This would be increasing the number of potentially competitor products that the visitor could click on (taking them away from your sales page). Conversely, it might be a good idea to list testimonials/social proof on that same sales page - reassuring the visitor currently viewing that page.


The settings in this tab give you complete control over the Right Panel at the individual page level.





To load this tab, within the Advanced Page Settings window, click the “Right Panel” tab.





Using the settings on this tab we can choose one of the following three options relating to whether or not (and to what extent) our Web page adopts the 'global' Right Panel:



Use default Right Panel – This setting, the default setting for all your new Web pages, means that the current Web page will use the default Right Panel as specified in your Page Layout settings.



Do not include a Right Panel on this page – Selecting this option will cause this Web page to remove the Right Panel altogether for this particular Web page. This can be useful for sales letters, product information pages, or any other page that needs a little more space than the presence of a Right Panel might afford.



Use a custom Right Panel – This allows you to vary the right hand panel only in the current Web page's design. This is often seen on modern sites, and it allows you to vary the right-hand panel content on a page-by-page basis (as opposed to all pages having the same right panel content). Some ideas for varied right panel content might include:





Amazon Adverts

Related Products

Name-grab forms

RSS Feed Content


If you select this third option, you can design your custom right panel content by launching the designer window for this page’s own right panel. To launch the designer click the button_advanced_page_settings_designer button. This will load the designer window, shown below, and you may edit your panel content as normal. For more information about using the designer, see the designer section of the manual.



If you do not wish to make any changes on any of the other advanced page settings tabs, for this page, you should click the button_advanced_page_settings_ok button to save your changes and return to the Page Settings screen in XSitePro.



Note: Until you click this button (even if you navigate to other tabs in the advanced settings window) your changes will not have been committed.

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