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XSitePro has powerful built-in report capabilities that can tell you in moments what your sites and projects contain, and what needs to be done.


It is very easy to get so involved in creating a site that you forget what needs to be done. For example, you add a new page to your site, but in the rush of creating the page you forget to enter a description for the page or any keywords. You then publish the page to the web and forget all about adding in the description or keywords, later on.


Another situation might be where you've created a site consisting of a couple of hundred pages. You want to optimize all of these for the search engines, but you do not know where to start. Going through each page one at a time will take you forever.


What you need is a clear and easy to follow list that tells you exactly should be done to each page so you can quickly take action. For example, the report might tell you that pages 1, 2, 36, 59, 132 and 199 all need keywords entering and pages 5, 25, 100 and 166 need appropriate page titles that reflect their keywords – in just a few seconds.


XSitePro will tell you all of the above information and a lot more on top, all at the press of a button. This really will help you to produce professional quality sites at lightning speed, without forgetting to do any of the crucial tasks along the way.


All of the reports can be accessed by clicking on Reports on the main menu bar or by clicking on the Reports button, as shown below:



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