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The Reports Settings are on the last tab of the Global Preferences window. They can be accessed by clicking on the Settings menu, and selecting the 'Reports' option.





In the Reports screen you will notice that, by default, there are two 'XSitePro' logos - one at the top of the report:





and one at the bottom of the report:





If you are providing a service to a client and wish to print these reports branded with your own company logos (rather than the XSitePro logos) then you can set these logos using this screen, in Global Preferences.



Changing the report logos:


1. To change the report logos, first create (or source) two logos you would like to use for the top and bottom of your reports.


The images must be exactly 275 pixels wide x 86 pixels tall (for the top of page logo) and 165 pixels wide x 58 pixels tall (for the footer logo).



2. Once you have created/sourced these images, and ensured they are the correct size, browse to the main (top of page) image using the top browse button;




Browse to and select your file using the window that appears. Once selected the file path will appear in the text box, to the left of the browse button.



3. Having selected your main image, now select your small (footer) image in the same way, this time clicking the bottom file browse button;





Once you have selected your images, click the 'OK' button to commit your changes. Now, all the reports you run from this point will feature the new logos you just specified.



Changing back to the default logos:


If you decide that you no longer wish to use your own logos, you can reset the logos to the default (XSitePro) graphics simply by clicking the 'Reset Images' button on this screen, at any time.



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