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You can rename files in the Resource Manager list whenever you like. Any pages that reference the renamed files will automatically be updated to reflect the change.


For example, if you have several pages referring to a file called logo.jpg and you decide to rename that file logo-for-office-supplies.jpg all the pages referring to logo.jpg will now refer to logo-for-office-supplies.jpg.


This saves you the time-consuming and often tricky task of having to do it manually.






Select the file you wish to rename by clicking on it once with your mouse.




Click on the Rename button or right click with your mouse and select Rename from the options that Pop-up.




A cursor will appear in the filename allowing you to edit the name. Remember to leave the file extension intact. For example, if it is a .gif file make sure to leave the .gif extension on the end otherwise the system will not know what kind of file it is.




When you have finished editing the name press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

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