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Redirect pages are a powerful tool for Internet marketers and Web site designers in general.


The Redirect Pages screen provides you with a quick, but powerful way of creating an infinite number of redirect pages for the sites you create.





Redirect Pages have several major purposes.


To hide unattractive urls

To provide links to affiliate sites

For when page addresses might change

For ad tracking



In a nutshell Redirect Pages are pages that automatically redirect people to a different page when someone visits them. At first this may seem slightly silly, but there is a method behind the madness.


Imagine you had a page that featured a special promotion during the month of February. What will happen to the page once the offer is over. Using a redirect page you could simply display a brief message such as "Sorry - The February Sale is now over, but you can still find some very special prices on our Offer of the Day page. In a few seconds you will be transported to that page." and then after a few seconds the visitor will be automatically transferred from that page to your offer of the day page.

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