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Once you have provided all the publishing details required on the initial screen of the Publishing Details tab you can then publish your Web site whenever you like.




Click on the Publish button on the main toolbar or select Tools and then click on Publish. The following window will appear.






If you want to publish click on the Yes button or click No to exit the publishing process.




XSitePro will analyze your site and see which pages needed to be uploaded and which ones haven’t changed since the last time you published.


The Publishing Progress window will then be displayed and you’ll be able to watch as your files are uploaded.





This window lets you see a real-time view of the publishing process. The progress bar at the top shows you how far through the publishing process you currently are and how much is left to do.


The logs tab displays the various ftp commands that XSitePro is sending to your ftp server and the messages it is receiving back. Don't worry you do not need to know what this means. If there are any errors you will be able to read these by clicking on the Errors tab.




Wait until the publishing process is complete and then click on the button_application_ok button or click the Open Web site buttons_publishiong_view_website to load the Web site straight into your browser.

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