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The Publishing Notification Settings are on the fifth tab in the Global Preferences window. They can be accessed by clicking on the Settings menu, and selecting the 'Publishing Notification' option.





In the Publishing Notification screen you have the option of disabling or changing the notification sound played on completion of the publishing routine.


The reason the publishing routine announces its completion in this way is that often, in large sites, the publishing process can itself take several minutes as all of the pages, graphics and other (often large) files are uploaded to your Web space. Rather than require you to wait around to confirm the process has completed, XSitePro sounds a brief notification to politely inform that the process has completed


This allows you to simply minimize the publishing process and continue working in other applications on your PC, while your files are uploaded. When you hear the notification noise you may then return to XSitePro and close the publishing window.



Disabling the notification - To disable the notification, simply uncheck the check-box.



Changing the sound - To choose a different audio file, rather than the default 'tada.wav' simply enter the path to the preferred audio file into the text-box or browse to (and select) the audio file by clicking the browse button:





Once you have selected an audio file, you can preview the sound by clicking the 'Play' button to the right of the file browse button.



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