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This report details the currently selected project and all of the Web sites within that project.




The report is split into three sections.


Project Information section - This covers everything to do with the project itself.


Web site Information section - This provides details of the Web sites within the project.


Web pages Information section - This includes the details for each Web page for each of the Web sites listed.



Running the Project Overview Report



Make sure the project for which you wish to view this report is currently selected from within the Project Management Screen.




Click on the Reports Button or select Reports from the Menu bar.




Select Project Overview from the list of reports.




After a few seconds a new window will appear on your screen containing the Project Overview report.




Use the scroll bar on the right of the report window to view the report on screen or click on the Print button (in the bottom right corner of the window) to send it to your printer.



The Project Overview Report includes the following information.


Project Details


Name – The name of this project



Created – The date that the project was originally created.



Number of Web sites in Project – The total number of Web sites currently within this project.



Total Number of Web pages - The total number of pages across all of the Web sites within this project.



Project Level Keywords – The keywords that you entered at the project level. These are the keywords that any Web sites created within the project will automatically pick-up.



Project Description – The description you entered into the Project Description box on the Project Information tab.



Project Notes – Any text that you entered into the Research Notes section of the Project Information tab.



Web site Information


Site Title – This is the title of your Web site. It is the name that will be used in the browser title when people are viewing your Web site.



Site Description – The description for your Web site. The description entered here is not used on any of the Web pages. It is for your own use only so you can enter whatever information you feel is useful to you.



Number of Web pages – The total number of pages that make up this Web site.



URL – The url for this Web site on the Internet, e.g. This is specified on the Publishing Details tab.



Web Host - The hosting company that is being used to host this Web site. This information is specified on the Publishing tab.



Keywords – A list of the default keywords for this site. This will be made up of any keywords entered at the Project level plus any additions or changes you have made at the Web site level.



Notes – This includes any entries you made on the Other Notes section of the Web site Information tab.



Date Created – The date that this particular Web site was created.



Date Last Published – The last date upon which this Web site was published to the web space set in that site’s Publishing details tab.



Date Last Modified – The date upon which you last edited this Web site.



Web pages Information


Filename – The filename for this Web page.



Keywords – A list of the keywords for this Web page. These will appear in the meta data of the page's header section when it is published to the Internet.



Description – The page description that was entered on the Info tab for this Web page. This is the description that will be used for the site map and in the meta data of the web page's header section.



Last Modified - The last time that the page was modified in any way.




To refresh this report, on your screen, click the button_reports_refresh button at the bottom of your screen.


Printing out this report is done by just clicking the button_reports_print button - also at the bottom of this screen.


To close this report, simply click the button_reports_close button in the bottom right corner of the window.


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