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The links' pages for your site may be previewed quickly and easily at any time using the handy 'preview' button contained within all of the Links Page screens.





Located in the bottom-left corner of all of the links page windows, clicking this button loads your links page complete with all your current links and of course all of your current design settings applied. This is a great way to quickly review your links page (even to check your progress as you make changes to the design settings).


The preview will appear in a new browser window and will not apply your page layout - you will see a clean set of link data with the style applied as per the links page settings. This will allow you to focus verifying that the links page data is being presented exactly as you want it.


To preview the links page data within the overall site design you will of course need to preview your site and click on the links page link from one of your navigation menus.

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