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The PHP Compatibility Checker is a tool that you will come across when using two features in XSitePro, namely the Forms Wizard and Site Search Tools. Both of these features have advanced capabilities that require PHP scripting to function.



Its purpose is simply to help you identify whether or not the web space, to which you will be publishing your current Web site, supports PHP.


In case you’re itching to know what PHP stands for, it’s a recursive acronym for Hypertext Pre-processor. In slightly simpler terms PHP is a server-side scripting language – it can only be run from the server on which your Web site is published, and then only if the server supports PHP.


Hence the need for the PHP Compatibility Checker.



When you run the PHP Compatibility Checker from the modules mentioned above, the checker will write a simple test script to your web server and run it to confirm that everything is in order.


Because of this test requirement the PHP Checker will of course need you to have filled out the ‘Publishing Details’ for this Web site (in the publishing tab) or else it will not be able to connect to your server, and run the test. Therefore, before running the PHP Checker you should make sure that the publishing details for your site have been entered.

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