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Enabling your site to generate revenues for you is a very compelling prospect - not only can the ‘right’ products sell in significant quantities on higher-trafficked sites, they can often do this seemingly on auto-pilot; visitors browsing your store, selecting a product, payments being made, digital products being downloaded, funds being deposited in your account all without any intervention required from you.


PayPal is a long-established electronic payment method allowing users to make and receive payments. The company itself is a subsidiary of E-Bay Inc., the famous auction site.





PayPal now boasts hundreds of millions of users and can accept payments almost world-wide (a list of countries and currencies in which PayPal can make/take payments is available on the PayPal Web site: It’s a proven payments platform and, importantly, one that people browsing your site will be both familiar and comfortable with.


You will almost certainly have spotted one or more of the different PayPal payment logos dotted about the sites you’ve visited in the past:





XSitePro brings you the capability, in this powerful feature, to add as many ‘products’ as you want to your site – all available for purchase by your Web site’s visitors, using the PayPal payment system. This means that with a little thought and careful presentation you can begin making sales from your site in minutes.


What’s more, the products that you create (in your products list, in the PayPal module) are all accessible across all of your sites – so you can quickly monetize multiple sites using any products you add.


The PayPal Button creation process has two distinct parts to it:



Product Addition


Button Insertion



In order to insert a PayPal Button on your Web page you will need to have first added your ‘products’ (which you would like to sell) to a list. We’ll take a look at this in just a moment.



Before you start using this feature it is worth pointing out that you will need a PayPal account in order to be able to ‘receive’ PayPal payments from your customers. The great news on this front is that signing up is easy and just takes a few minutes. If you don’t already have a PayPal account you may want to go ahead and sign up for one right now, to save having to break-off the instructions later in this section.


Visit to sign up for a PayPal account and following the simple on-screen instructions.

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