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The Password Redirect widget enables you to secure certain parts of your site - making them inaccessible other than by entering a preset username and password.


On landing at your Web page, the visitor will see a text-box into which they can enter a password. On entering the correct password the user will be taken to a protected page of your choice. The password entry box will resemble the one shown below:






This password feature is such an useful tool, as it allows you to quickly protect paid-for content such as your e-books, reports and/or other resources that you might be offering, say, in exchange for an e-mail address opt-in.


For example, if you have an e-mail auto-responder (like XMailPro, or AWeber) set up with a 'welcome message' mail that goes out every time someone signs up to your mailing list, it'd be a great idea to add a password into that mail, and use this password redirect tool to take that user to the protected (download) page on successful entry.





Selecting this script from the list of scripts, and clicking the button_widget_wizard_edit_settings button loads the following screen:





We need to set five pieces of information for this script:


Password – Enter the password that you would like visitors to have to enter in order to be taken to the Web page entered above.



Success Page - In this box you need to enter the URL to which the visitor will be taken on correctly entering their password. Enter this URL in the format: (where ' is, of course, your own domain).


If you wish to use a web-page on the current site you may select that page simply by clicking the button_application_image_browse button - this will load a screen from which you can select a page in your current site.



Button Text - Enter the text that you would like to appear on the button for submitting the password attempt.



Button Position - Choose whether you would like your button to appear to the right or, or below, the password input box.



Incorrect Password Message - This is the message that the visitor will see if they enter an incorrect password.




Once you have entered the required information, above, simply click the button_image_gallery_insert button to insert the password box, and button into your Web page at the cursor-point.

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