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The Page Title Settings is the first tab on the Web site Settings window. It can be accessed by clicking on the Web site Settings button on the Other tab, or by the Settings menu.





This tab lets you change various settings that relate to how the titles appear on your Web page.



Why Are Page Titles Important?


First, it is displayed in the title bar & tabs of typical web browsers (in the positions circled red, at the top of the screenshot below).





Secondly, it appears in the meta data for your Web page and is often picked up by search engines so it's worth having an appropriate page title.



When you load the Web site Settings window and click on the Page Title Settings tab you will see the following:





Include Web site Title - Choose what you would like to be the title of the page. You have three options. You can add the site name to the start or end of the page title or you can do nothing and just leave the page title as it is whenever you publish.


The reason why you might want to choose to include the site name is for keyword richness.


For example, if you had a site specializing in Adventure Holidays and you had three pages that were titled New Zealand, Kenya and India. You could manually rename each of those pages to incorporate the name of your site (‘Adventure Holidays’ for example) or you could just select Add the Web site title to the START of each page title and that would result in your pages being renamed Adventure Holidays – New Zealand, Adventure Holidays – Kenya and Adventure Holidays – India.


Alternatively you could choose Add the Web site title to the END of each page title in which case you would have New Zealand – Adventure Holidays, etc.



Use only the Web site title for the homepage - If you put a check in this checkbox your home page title will default to the Web site title. For example if your Web site title was Scuba Diving the home page would default to just this, while all the other pages might be made up of the Web site title and the page title.



Separate title with - Enter a character that you would like to use to separate the Web site title from the page title. Possibilities might be dashes, colons, and underscores, but you can choose to use any character you like.


For example:


Adventure Holidays: Kenya

Adventure Holidays – Kenya

Adventure Holidays : Kenya

Adventure Holidays :: Kenya



Examples: As you make changes to the page title settings you will be able to see exactly how your page title will look in the small panel at the bottom of the window.

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